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Help my daughter give back to other kids with Crohn’s disease on Kickstarter



My daughter Sabina was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2011 and, as a result, has experienced significant heath issues and hospitalizations. Through drawing and art she has found a much-needed diversion from the many difficult and painful moments she continues to endure. The role of drawing and art in her life sparked the idea of putting her drawings on t-shirts. Her project, Galixee, was born. Then, during a hospital stay, she discovered that companies often give things to kids struggling with illness, as a way to cheer them up. Having felt the impact of such giving first-hand, Sabina wanted to pay it forward. Her vision is to create a Galixee Gives Back Program at local area hospitals. This program will provide Galixee merchandise to kids who have extended hospital stays due to chronic illness.

This is Sabina’s project and her vision. Please lend your support on Sabina's Kickstarter page